4 Billion People Have Untreated Cavities in the World | Costa Rica for Dental Tourism

Costa Rica for Dental Tourism

4 Billion People Have Untreated Cavities in the World | Costa Rica for Dental Tourism

Studies show that there are four billion in the world with untreated cavities, which is why it is important that you go to Costa Rica for dental treatment.

Costa Rica for dental tourism is the best course of action if you have untreated cavities. People all over the world neglect their dental issues since it is expensive to get dental treatment. However, the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide allows you to get expert dental treatment within your budget. This is why it is important to stop ignoring your dental issues.

Costa Rica for Dental Tourism Is the Best Option

A new study has found that billions of people have untreated cavities and more than half of the population of the world ignores their dental problems due to high prices. This can cause problems with speaking, eating, and even sleeping. This is a serious oral health problem that needs to be addressed at once since it can develop into significant pain for patients.

Why Treat It at Once?

Cavities are tooth decay that occurs when the tooth enamel softens due to harmful bacteria. The bacteria accumulate near the tooth and turns into hardened plaque. They release acids that break down the enamel and prevent minerals from reaching the tooth. This can create a cavity or holes in the teeth.

If you neglect the issue and don’t seek treatment in Costa Rica for dental tourism, then the hole may grow. It can destroy the whole tooth resulting in significant tooth loss. If you lose even one tooth due to cavities, you may face the domino effect. This means that the loss of a single tooth can displace the others causing more teeth to fall as a result.

When to Go to Costa Rica for Dental Tourism?

If you face any of the symptoms below, it can mean that you have cavities.

  • Toothaches are the most common signs of cavities
  • Feeling pressure while eating or biting down can indicate the presence of a cavity
  • Increase tooth sensitivity to temperatures or hard foods
  • Noticeable holes or pits in affected tooth
  • Severe cases may also have pus around the tooth

Why Choose Costa Rica for Dental Tourism

Costa Rica has one of the best oral facilities in the world. The best part is that you can afford such expert treatment at affordable costs with the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. They can treat the cavities with strong fillings made of porcelain, composite resins, silver, or other materials. If you have a severe case of tooth decay, they can remove the infected tooth and replace it with a solid dental implant that will last up to 30 years. Such expert treatment isn’t available anywhere in the world at such prices, which is why a lot of patients are opting for Costa Rica for dental tourism.

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