Common Misconceptions about Dental Care | Costa Rica Dentists

There are some common mistakes that patients make while taking care of their teeth. Costa Rica dentists have taken the effort to debunk some common myths to improve your dental health

Common Misconceptions about Dental Care | Costa Rica Dentists

Learning about the proper way to care for your teeth is really important since they are a vital part of the digestive system. However, there are many misconceptions that people continue to have about dental care. Costa Rica dentists have outlined some myths that you should take care of for improved dental care. It is also important to seek treatment at once through The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide so that you can effectively combat poor dental care.

Costa Rica Dentists Debunk Some Myths

While taking care of your teeth it is important to note down the following habits that you may have which are dire to your teeth.

  1. Brushing Too Hard

Some people feel as though brushing hard will teeth your clean well. However, Costa Rica dentists suggest that brushing too hard with a firm brush can actually erode the enamel of the teeth. This enamel is crucial to protect the teeth from decay or cavities. It is also important to learn the proper technique to brush your teeth. Using a circular brushing technique and appropriate toothpaste is vital while brushing your teeth.

  1. Neglecting to Floss

Misconceptions about flossing are really common and a lot of people may feel though it isn’t necessary. Flossing is still one of the most effective ways to get rid of food particles stuck between your teeth. This can hinder plaque buildup and reduce bad breath. Costa Rica dentists suggest that it is especially vital for older persons who may have dry mouth due to medication. Gum bleeding is also caused by food particles getting stuck between the teeth and causing swelling.

  1. Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

A myth also exists that chewing sugar-free gum is as good as brushing your teeth. This is a misleading statement since sugar-free gum does have a positive effect but not as good as brushing your teeth. Gum is a great enabler for saliva production. Saliva controls the pH level of the mouth reducing the effect of acids by harmful bacteria. It also removes food particles from the mouth. However, brushing is really important to remove plaque buildup and food particles according to Costa Rica dentists.

  1. Only Sugar Causes Cavities

A lot of people only associate cavities with sugary foods and drink. However, snacks like chips and crackers can do a lot of damage as well. The starchiness in the chips makes a lot of food particles stick to the teeth. They have carbohydrates that become the perfect food for the harmful bacteria in your mouth. This increases the production of plaque that creates acid. According to Costa Rica dentists, unhealthy diets are the main reason for tooth decay and enamel erosion.

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