Why Patients from USA and Canada Choose Dental Clinics in Costa Rica?

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica is continuously on the rise and most of the incoming traffic is from USA and Canada. Why are patients increasingly choosing Dental Clinics in Costa Rica?

Dental clinics in Costa Rica have seen a steady rise in incoming patients from the United States and Canada in recent years. It has become one of the leading destinations for dental tourism in the world. This may be attributed to many reasons which have been discussed below.

Why Choose Dental Clinics in Costa Rica?

If patients continue to travel to Costa Rica from all over the nation there would be a definite reason why this is so. Dental clinics in Costa Rica continue to accommodate thousands of patients from such countries every year.

High Level of Dental Care

The level of dental healthcare remains one of the best in Latin America since the government continues to invest in the industry. Public and private healthcare facilities are continuously upgraded, which means that they have state of the art dental care options. They usually import equipment and technology from places like the United States itself and continue to remain affordable due to local rates and subsidies.

The dentists in the dental clinics of Costa Rica are also experts. They have studied from some of the best schools in the world and continue to strive to accommodate any kind of patient. The regulations in the country ensure that dentists are at the top of their game. This means that patients coming in from USA and Canada receive expert care. Dental clinics of Costa Rica are even compared to the ones in the USA and often seen as better options.

Low Dental Prices

The dental prices are the most attractive feature of the dental clinics in Costa Rica. The prices in Costa Rica are extremely low compared to the high ones in the USA and Canada. No one should neglect their dental problems due to high prices, which is why a lot of people prefer going to dental clinics in Costa Rica.

For example, a dental implant in the USA would cost roughly $5000, while in Costa Rica it would only cost $750 to $1000. This becomes a really huge difference in costs, which is why patients don’t want to waste a lot of money in the USA and Canada for expensive procedures.

Convenience and Comfort

Costa Rica isn’t too far away from the United States and flights are always available. It is also a beautiful tourist destination, which means the residents are used to foreigners coming in a lot. The dental clinics in Costa Rica also have fluent English so that you can communicate your issues easily. The state of the art facilities also provide maximum comfort so that you can be at ease.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more patients are using Dental Tourism Costa Rica to search for the best dental clinics in Costa Rica.

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